Donald Trump started to implement his election promises before he entered into his role as president. During the week he held a phone conversation with the boss Apple’s Tim Cook, during which the company has promised big tax discounts if return to production in the US, announced
During the campaign, Donald Trump often invited Apple to carry the manufacture of its products from China to the US as one of the measures for reindustrialisation of the country which in recent decades lost many manufacturing jobs.

“I got a call from Tim cook from Apple and I said, “Tim, you know one thing that will be a great achievement for me if Apple will build a large plant in the United States or many plants in the US and instead go to China, Vietnam and other places, where you go, will start to produce it, – told the trump.
According to the journalists, the answer Tim cook was very evasive. “I understand,” said the CEO.
“I think we’ll give you incentives and you will make it. We are going to very significantly reduce taxes for corporations, you will be satisfied,” added trump.
Earlier it was reported that Apple was in negotiations to move production of the iPhone in the U.S., but the supplier Foxconn, such a scenario is considered extremely unlikely, as in this case, the price build iPhone will double.

Apple also discussed the possibility of moving the production of iPhone in the US with the other contract manufacturer, Pegatron, but the latter almost immediately rejected the offer because it is unprofitable. And it is not in the different wages in the United States and China. In the past, Tim cook has repeatedly stressed that China simply is the center of world production.

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